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I don't do fresh flowers anymore (except in a few very strange dreams, but that is another story) if I did I think if I wanted something special for a wedding I would go to floral fundamentals here on face book first for advice before contacting my own wholesaler. I wish we had floral fundamentals when I was trading would have saved me money and grief when I ended up with unsatisfactory flowers.
Ruby Rose
We have a bride wanting ice blue hydrangeas for the end of the month. I contacted Floral Fundamentals and they gave me the growers name. I have spoken to the grower direct and know exactly the variety I need.
Heather Jellett
I am so honoured to be part of Floral Fundamentals. Indeed it moves and motivates me a lot me to learn more and to be humble. Thank you a million to Alison Bradley, Piet van Kampen, Marius Dekker, Steef van Adrichem, Sue Phillips, Denis Bradley and all the people behind the scenes. Its a history in life!
Harijanto Setiawan
Nothing plain or old about this platform! I just got excited when I saw it, and I'm loving knowing a little more about the growers, for me it makes them more personal, gives flowers an identity and story. Like buying from a craftsperson instead of a conveyor belt factory
Alison Chambers
Wow, what a line up of some of the worlds TOP Floral Artists here and one is my dear friend ! So proud of you lieve Hanky!
Marieke Ric-Hansen
Thank God for Floral Fundamentals!! xxxxxx
Debbie Gough
Well I finally got to sit down this beautiful sunny morning and had a chance to read your magazine. All I can say is WELL DONE! It's informative, colourful, inspiring and a great read. I have been a florist for almost 18 years and I see there has been a great disconnect between florist, growers and the public. It's evident that each sector does not understand or has not been exposed to what each of us contributes to our industry. If we don't educate each other and work with each other, how can we possibly share our talent and beauty of flowers with our public. Looking forward to the next issue! Thank you!
Susanne Law
Can I just say what a delight it has been to be able to contact Walter Grootscholten, orchid nursery directly to ask about an orchid with limited availability for a wedding next week! Thank you Floral Fundamentals for making that possible!
Katie-Jane Pridmore
I'm home now but in my thoughts I'm still in Holland with my new Floral Fundamentals family:) I must admit that at first I had no idea what Floral Fundamentals was. Now after a few days I will be happy to tell all my friends and colleagues in Poland all about it. Let them know and join in!!! It was a beautiful time with beautiful people.

Iza Tkaczyk
A HUGE thank you to the designers that opened their hearts and shared their passion. To the growers..... your passion and love of flowers shines through. I wish every florist could see what you do to make us look good. Your product was stunning. I will never forget the experience of seeing your facilities and incredible flowers.
Lottie Wilkes Nys
From the bottom of my heart? Thanks to Floral Fundamental and Alison Bradley for believing in me.? for all my new and stunning flower friends from all around the world. ? are all very amazing designers, and all of you will be a part of an amazing memory. I hope we will see each other sometime in the future. all the growers who absolutely made a difference. Beautiful flower produced with passion and love.
Tina Kjær
Thank you Floral Fundamentals for giving me the opportunity to travel to Amsterdam and truly understand the pain staking passion these growers go through to supply us with absolutely stunning product. I was very overwhelmed. Thank you G-Fresh Growers for the hospitality and kindness you showed us. Jacqueline Boerma, Boerma Instituut Floral School, was amazing. To all the designers that I was so blessed to meet and make a lifetime friendship with. Your love and passion for florals shines through each of you. And lastly to Alison Bradley and her crew of merry men and women who dedicated themselves to make sure we were all fed, transported, assisted and welcomed. A great big Thank You!!!!!!
Jackie Smith Johns Aifd