Floral Fundamentals excite at Essen

7 Ambassadors, 5 demonstrations and huge audiences at IPM Essen proved that the floral industry is alive and well. Floral Fundamentals in conjunction with G-Fresh and FDF raised the roof at the recent trade show. Even better, more Ambassadors flew in at their own expense to support the designers on stage!

World Champions Alex Choi and Stein Are Hansen produced 3 of the stunning demonstrations that saw standing room only in the auditorium. These two top florists showed their passion and dedication on stage and the audience loved it. They revealed some trade secrets and why they use flowers for our growers with stories of the care and attention that is taken to produce every flowers.

2 further demonstrations saw Tina Kjær, Dmitry Turcan, Iza Tkaczyk, Harijanto Setiawan and Ivan Bergh delight spectators by the very diversity of their work. For the first time ever – there was a standing ovation for a demonstration!

The 2 comperes were also Ambassadors Dominique Ostheeren and Jürgen Herold did a wonderful job for all 5 demonstrations but they were in for a surprise! The delightful couple got married last year in a family ceremony but word got out so Floral Fundamentals decided to celebrate with cake, bubbles and lots of flowers including 5 different bridal bouquets. This led to a mass gathering of just some of the people involved in Floral Fundamentals and what a happy occasion it was.

Good news – it appears that FDF and IPM Essen would like us to go back next year with different Ambassadors to demonstrate – hope to see you there!