Eva Latsch

We re-discovered Eva Latsch on stage at IPM Essen when she took part in a three-handed demonstration. (We first met her at a Gregor Lersch seminar where she was working.)  Although quiet and reserved on stage, it was her work that drew our attention because it was all not only beautiful but very saleable too.  Eva has a gift for putting things together and her section on the stage reflected that very clearly.  Once she arrived at the 2nd Floral Fundamentals photo shoot – it was a joy to watch her blossom and grow into herself.  The range of flowers inspired her and, at one point, she thanked us not only for the opportunity but on behalf of young florists around the world – she got the spirit of Floral Fundamentals the moment she arrived.

She later told me that it was like being on holiday – OK a hard-working holiday – but the fact that no-one pressured her and all the designers welcomed her – she realised that she was part of the international floral family.
Eva lives in Germany where she works in a flower shop but, without question, this young woman is destined for greater things as you will see from the small sample of her work here and her work in the the Floral Fundamentals book/magazine.

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