Mike Boerma

Mike Boerma is the 5th Boerma in the world of flowers and the 3rd generation in the Boerma Instituut, an international floral design school in Holland.

In 2013 he passed all the exams at the Boerma Instituut and a year later he started teaching at the school. Since then he’s travelled to many different countries to teach and give demonstrations. Mike loves to teach and it shines through – some people are just natural and gifted teachers and he is one for sure.

From 2015, Mike’s had the honour to teach and demonstrate in Japan which is something special for a European designer. Given that Floral Fundamentals holds almost all of it’s photo shoots at the Boerma Instituut – it seemed logical for Mike to take part and he confessed that he had had a wonderful experience – even in his normal working environment.

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