Morgan Douglas Nuth

Morgan Douglas Nuth is a highly successful Uk based florist with two shops – one in Ascot and the other in London called Old Oak Florist.

Morgan comes from a family of florists, he followed his mother into the business over 20 years ago. In recent years this has gained a reputation for his international design & flair which has secured him a position as one of the UK’s leading floral designers. He is in demand for his Demonstration work, Product Development, RHS Chelsea & Hampton Court expertise & Photography Lifestyle Design work to name but a few, lets just say the diary is never empty and he certainly thrives on all the challenges he’s presented!

His sense of fun and adventure is well-known in the industry but beneath it all he is very serious about his work and thrives on challenges. His recent trip to Floral Fundamentals opened his eyes to many things and he returned to the UK – inspired to bring more inspiration to everyone he meets. He is a wonderful Ambassador for Floral Fundamentals.

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