We are delighted to announce that Akerboom Freesia have become a Partner of Floral Fundamentals. Apart from being a lovely family, their passion and knowledge is amazing as is the quality of their beloved Freesia.

Innovation drive is in the Akerboom genes!
Family business Akerboom Freesia, founded in the late forties of the last century, has grown into the world’s largest Freesia producer under the leadership of the 2nd and 3rd generation.  With a passion for the product, a nose for quality and the drive to continuously innovate.

In 1962, founders Dirk and Toon Akerboom were the first in the region to switch to the cultivation of freesia. They were immediately crazy about the quirky, fragrant flower and spent a lot of time improving the cultivation and product quality.  They transferred their passion and acquired knowledge to their sons Theo (son of Dirk) and Ben (son of Toon) who, together with the 3rd generation Akerboom, Thomas and Mariëlle, chose to specialise in Freesias.

Akerboom Freesia has trial fields where new, promising species are extensively tested. The species are assessed on colour, smell, bud and flower size, crop characteristics, quality and shelf life. Only species that score significantly better than existing ones are taken into production. This way they monitor the quality of their assortment and you can be sure that customers will enjoy their freesias for a long time and with pleasure.

Here are some tips from Mariëlle on how to look after their Freesia:

Let the Freesias drink clean water without removing them from the original packaging.
Use a clean vase and clean water with cut flower food for bulb and tuber crops.
Place the vase in a draft-free place away from ripening fruit and vegetables.

The designers at our most recent photo shoot were raving over the quality and sheer size of their blooms.  Many said that they would love the have Akerboom Freesia to sell in their shops!