Holland Strelitzia, the name of the nursery says it all. These Strelitzias are of Dutch origin and that can only mean one thing: quality. For flower growers Roland and Barry Duyvesteijn, not only quality but also sustainable cultivation is important. That’s why the brothers replaced their gas installation in 2011 with an innovative wood stove. Strelitzias are grown all year round in the 2.5 hectare greenhouse at the nursery in Zevenhuizen. The wood stove provides CO2-neutral cultivation. In addition, the cut flowers have plenty of time to develop into Strelitzias of the finest quality.

1-Foto Barry  Roland1-Biomassaketel Holland Strelitzia

For Holland Strelitzia sustainable cultivation also means that they work with biological crop protection and that the working conditions are good.  At the Holland Strelitzia nursery nature can still really take its course.

Originally the Strelitzia came from South Africa.  In many other (sub) tropical regions you will also find this graceful bird of paradise flower in nature.  The exotic flower owes its nickname to the bright colours, reminiscent of a bird of paradise.  Did you know that the Strelitzia is one of the few flowers that are pollinated by birds, primarily by the Hummingbird, the only bird that can also fly backwards.


Holland Strelitzia packs cut flowers in a specially designed triangle box, which protects the flower well and does not take up unnecessary space during transportation.

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Do you think it is important that your flowers are grown with respect for humans and the environment? Then this sustainably grown Strelitzia reginae should certainly not be left out of your collection. Besides being a striking eye-catcher in any arrangement, you also contribute to a better world with this bird of paradise flower.  Roland Duyvesteijn: “We gladly meet society’s call for more sustainable production. Our Strelitzia’s are grown climate neutral because we do not use natural gas.”

Barry Duyvesteijn: “We deploy natural enemies in the Strelitzia’s to be environmentally friendly when we clean up the pests and insects.”

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Florists deserve to work with the best products in the world and Holland Strelitzia support the florists. They don’t supply supermarkets, but only supply florists!  Holland Strelitzia is special because they work with fixed partners twelve months a year. By supplying premium quality Strelitzia’s their partners are be able to increase the Strelitzia consumption every year. They are preferred supplier of FleuraMetz. Of course the florists can order anything that is possible with Strelitzia’s – curved Strelitzia, extra long everything is possible!

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