Here is a message for all florists from Parfum Flower Company – “For your shop and for the greatest pleasure of your customers who are seeking an exclusive product, we have a selection of more than 100 exquisite roses; scented roses, peony or cabbage shaped roses and classical English garden roses. Our roses are selected on their looks and fragrance. Lost and forgotten varieties, but also new breeds.

“The English roses from David Austin, the French roses from Meilland, and all other luxury roses we offer are often used in luxury floral bouquets and arrangements for weddings and events, but also as a mono bouquet in a beautiful vase.  The roses enable you as a florist to be different from others, to be up scale.”

“Imported from farms in Kenya, Ecuador and Columbia, the roses are distributed to wholesalers directly.  The roses are not being sold at the auction clock.
Many wholesalers have a live connection with our stock and offer the roses in their web shops.  However, due to the high demand for our roses, our stock is often very limited. Very few products are available the same day. We therefore ask florists to order our roses at least a week in advance. This enables us to guarantee availability of most varieties.”

The best way to order is to contact your local wholesaler at least a week before you need the roses in your shop.  Just ask for roses from the Parfum Flower Company.  We know all wholesalers.  And they know us!”