When Joshua Scholten of Peony Shop Holland arrived at the latest Floral Fundamentals photo shoot together with an amazing assortment of peony flowers – he was greeted with open arms!



After gasps of delighted from the designers, Joshua revealed that he actually grows 350 varieties of Peony. However, not all are sold as cut flowers (although he does offer an amazing range of them) many are also sold as plants. Joshua told us the story of his love for these beauties and then revealed his latest ‘star’ a pale lime green variety!

He is dedicated to providing the best of the best but admitted that his greatest joy is the discovery of a new seedling that he can develop – and develop them he does.


We are delighted that his company are now a Partner of Floral Fundamentals.

peony 'Itoh' hybrid

peony ‘Itoh’ hybrid

peony 'Solidus'

peony ‘Solidus’

peony 'Lavender Grace'

peony ‘Lavender Grace’


Go to www.peonyshopholland.com for more information

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