Opiflor UK is a German based wholesale company who supply a wide range of essential and exciting products for florists and is STRICTLY trade only. The UK branch of the company has recently become a partner of Floral Fundamentals. They function as an online supplier and they have superfast delivery on all available products.

The range of products changes seasonally as does their superb webshop. You need to register with them before you purchase for which they will require proof that you are in business. Their products have the European edge and designers love them.

Their website is www.opiflor.co.uk or call 0800 014 8418 or email info@opiflor.co.uk

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  1. Uche Maureen Okaru

    This forum is a florists dream. Particularly so for us in Africa where the industry is at its infancy. We are just starting out. There is a potential large market. Uche

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