Tendence event welcomes FF Ambassadors

Frédéric Dupré, Laurence Hanauer-Bayha, Lily Beelen, Stein Are Hansen, Thomas Spiess and Ulviya Akhmedova (all Floral Fundamentals Ambassadors) took part in the Lehner Wolle Congress at the Tendence Trade fair in Frankfurt. All of the Ambassadors did great work but it was Lily Beelen who took the opportunity to speak about the Floral Fundamentals platform complete with special fliers!

Lily spoke with passion about her experience with Floral Fundamentals and received an ovation from the audience as she explained what we stand for.

The principal demonstrators were Frédéric Dupré and Stein Are Hansen who both created stunning work but we felt sorry for all of the designers who were involved as they struggled with the incredible heat. Apparently it was 38 degrees on staging day! But well done to everyone involved and we loved the Tendence event too!